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Warlock Online Server problems


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i'm getting the whole time this:
Server setup - 200
Creating Server...
Setting up Database...
Step 1...
Step 2...
Step 3...
Step 4...Create user 'test' pass 'test'
Step 5...Create user 'test2' pass 'test2'
Step 6...
Step 7...
Setup Success...
loading game data...
uninitialized constant NetplayServer::Game_Variables
Server Can't be run because of an error in its creation../LIB/mysql.rb:1032:in `sync=': closed stream (IOError)
        from ./LIB/mysql.rb:1032:in `write'
        from ./LIB/mysql.rb:462:in `write'
        from ./LIB/mysql.rb:436:in `command'
        from ./LIB/mysql.rb:199:in `close'
        from main.rb:76:in `main'
        from main.rb:88

The server is linux is that a problem?
What i can do?
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