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I don't see why so many people stress over Unity, when Torque3D is about 5x better and easier in graphics and performance overall.

What Torque 3D Matches Unity In:

1\. Smooth art pipeline thanks to COLLADA

2\. PhysX Implementation

3\. Web Publishing

4\. Integrated editors

5\. Free support via community and documentation

6\. Simple deployment

7\. Shaders

8\. Scripting

9\. Intuitive user experience

What Torque 3D has over Unity 3D:

1\. Superior rendering capabilities which rival Crytek or Unreal. This includes effects that are not even possible with Unity such as post processing effects.

2\. More control over your environment and level editing

3\. More powerful and varied tools (all WYSIWYG)

* Real Time Terrain Editor

* Real Time Terrain Painter

* River Editor

* Mesh Road Editor

* Decal Road Tool

* Decal Editor

* Material Editor

* Datablock Editor, which reduces the amount of manual scripting you have to perform

* Shape Editor, which allows you to custom build your animated objects and their animations from within Torque 3D

* ToolBox

4\. Based off an engine with far more [published games](http://www.garagegames.com/torquepowered/console) and a stronger track record

5\. Way more employee to user interaction and support

6\. A stronger, veteran community (I love the GG.com community)

7\. Superior documentation: more content, higher quality, more features (dynamic docs), and more video tutorials

8\. Torque 3D's networking is so much faster than what Unity offers, it's not even funny.

9\. Full source code access

10\. Frontline Award for Engine of the Year…hmm, that means far more people use our engine and found it to be the best you could use out of a competitive list. That includes Unity or Gamebryo

Should I keep going? I think I could hit the post limit if I do.

Just a quote... but seriously. This engine actually has a huge base, but everyone just ignores it.

The rendering rivals CryEngine3. 

Just putting it out there for people who need something like this.

Oh, and it's realtime.
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