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> Link is broken :(

 Yeah, thats becouse v10 is already out :D Btw forgot to post here full v10 changelog, so here it is.

* Revamped MR button engine. Now it will be even easier to add new buttons or delete unused ones. Used same system as with GUI (made Enum ButtonType).
* Ported PRDE combat messages but made them smaller by 50% so now they are 512x512 resolution.
* Changed engine font to Calibri. This will also fix these [][][][][] messages appearing in empty NPC, item, resource and spell texts.
* Added drop shadow to main window (looking very sexy)
* Finnaly fixed fog system (fogs was not saving). Also fixed another hidden bug with fogs.
* Optimized and fixed Sub PlayerAttackNPC, Sub NPCAttackNPC, Sub PlayerAttackPlayer, Sub NPCAttackPlayer
* Fixed Fog speed scrollbar in Map properties
* Now enviroment changes are visible immediately when pressed [OK] in Map Properties (such as tint, fog or panorama)
* Added random tile placing to map editor (known from Eclipse Advanced)
* New event commands: Change Vitals, Play Sound, Play Music, Stop Music, Show Picture
* Fixed automation error on second surface image
* Removed mouse movement (converted to tutorial what is ready to be posted on site)
* Changed default PRDE graphics to license-free ones from Tekepon.net
* Changed default PRDE music to license-free one by Bjorn Lynne
* Changed default PRDE sounds to license-free ones what I collected from internet
* Added faces back to engine and also found and converted faces what I added as default to engine
* Becouse of above addition, now event chat is showing also face, not only NPC or player sprite
* Fixed some bugs what I found in event engine and optimized drawing of event chat (removed duplicate codes)
* Fixed many scrollbar bugs in Spell editor
* Redesigned resource editor (now it is more readable and user-friendly
* Fixed animation scrollbar in Resource editor
* Optimized CastSpell and NPCCastSpell
* Fixed animations not displaying in some cases
* Now animations are also displayed for DoT and HoT spells
* Optimized CheckResource sub and removed duplicate codes
* Added particle engine
* Changed default max events from 255 to 1000
* Added missing sprite checks to character creation screen
* Now faces are drawn on character creation screen too
* Finished new button engine.
* Optimized and fixed loading of button textures to memory and removed many unused buttons
* Added classes back to engine
* Added new option to Effect Editor - Modifier
* Optimized and cleaned particle engine code. Reduced amount of it by around 60%
* Added some error checks to particle engine
* Fixed animation scrollbar in Resource editor
* Added effect preview to Effect Editor
* Added weather system
* Added new commands to Event Editor (for example change fog, weather, map tint, fade in, fade out and flash)
* Finished change vitals command in Event Editor


>! ![](http://eatenbrain.com/filehost/files/997a3aaf880026c9037bbc5803416f1d.png)

This is all for now. If you remember some Miracle Reborn bugs, feel free to post them here.
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In this another big update, I totally focused at fixing all known bugs. Gladly I can say that I fixed most of them. Also, server is now faster by around 20-30% becouse I totally simplified it and removed many (now) unused components and controls. Also added minor (but great) thing, and that is sound tile attributes. Now you can for example make campfire and place sound tile near it, and when you will be close to it, you will hear that campfire louder. Also this is implemented to all other map sound sources, so now when someone will be attacking enemy on distant corner of map, you will not hear him as before. With this addition, I rewrote big portion of sound engine. Also added simple cursor engine, what will change your cursor depending on your current action. You can see all cursors in client/data files/graphics/cursors.

With server change, I added there slash commands. They are:

* /kick (name)
* /disconnect (name)
* /motd (motd)
* /mute (name)
* /ban (name)
* /setaccess (name) (access)
* /shutdown
* /cps

Also, to send server message, you must put - before it.

Here is (as usual) changelog: 

- Fixed when there are no npcs on map if you wan't to select yourself as target then you will error (Credits Notsu for finding it)
- Added MAX_EFFECTS to be loaded from server/config.ini
- Fixed Event Graphic command in Event Editor (for some reason it was never finished)
- Remove Currency item type becoutse it is not more needed when there is stackable items
- Now Menu alert messages are rendered
- Fixed join and left message not displaying for non-admins
- Totally cleaned server window and code. Many of you probably forgot that server should not be fancy, it must be FAST. Even I forgot about it. But now, it is faster, it is cleaner, it is better. As replacement for missing buttons, I added slash commads.
- Now when player casts spell at target, that player is automatically rotated to match targetted player or NPC (same as with projectiles)
- Fixed little bug in Character window
- Rewrote big portion of Fmod class
- Added Sound tile type
- Now sound cache and music cache is populated when game inits
- Now map editor can accept longer music names
- Added checks to Fmod class for stopping music when FMOD is not initialized
- Changed Prospekt icon
- Added some new item icons
- Renamed Fader.png to White.png
- Added different cursors for different actions
- Switched drawing of target hover and selected target
- Added loading screen when receiving map
- Now client values are cleared on load (this will probably fix some odd errors)
- Fixed index definition of the player when send a packet to the client (Credits Valentine)
- Fixed delete button in Shop Editor not doing anything (Credits Ricardo)
- Fixed reset shop action being sent to all and not only to target player (Credits Ricardo)
- Fixed start spells loop for wrong constant (Credits Ricardo)
- Fixed kick command from admin panel not doing anything (Credits Ricardo)
- Fixed player attack timer not resetting (Credits Valentine)
- Fixed wrong variable being used in CanNpcCrit (Credits Valentine)
- Fixed player vitals not being updated after level up (Credits Valentine)
- Fixed drop item scrollbar in NPC editor
- Fixed possibility of buying more items in shop than your invetory space
- Fixed major bug in server side data flooding check
- Fixed initializing of shop editor


**New Server


**Different cursors for different actions 


Prospekt Source v11: Download from [Dropbox](http://adf.ly/R5pZY)
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I have some problem with /setaccess command.

If I using /setaccess Test123 2 I got runtime error 9

Maybe is it worth to add a message after entering an incorrect command?

Or You can add file "readme" with samples commands.

Old design server is better for beginners in my opinion.


Pet system for specific class.

Quests of the characters on the figures.

gold ? - complete quest

silver ? - incomplete quest

gold ! - begin quest

General impressive work!
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If you have the time could u please add:
•NPC Auction House
•Instanced Maps 
•Multiple Characters 
•Spell Ranking
•cmbDayandNight in the Map Properties is not working properly when you choose Only Day it will automatically change it back to cmbDayandNight when you try to save it

•Day and Night is not working at all
•Editing the Fog Number with 17 and 18 in Map Properties will give you a Run-time error on Sub DrawFog
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> thx for the help, but now i got a new problem, how do we set an admin access to the user ? i cant figure it out with the new server

You must use slash commands, /setaccess (name) (access)

WIthout that () of course. And also this is open source
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> How hight access you wanna set (1,2,3,4)

got it :D

anyway i'm just wandering how many player could play on this engine ? the last custom engine i've used are limited to 70players online in the same time.

also, nice engine! this is the smoothest engine i've ever used, i've tried to use 25 npc in same map yet the fps still stable on 30 fps, NICE WORK! :D
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Hello everyone again. This is big update (yea, I am saying that again lol). I actually do not slept for 3 days becouse of working on this. Major thing what I added is Developer Suite. I tried to make it looking similar to RPG Maker as much as possible. This is probably the biggest change to Eclipse-based engine since DirectX8 and Event System, so I hope this will bring more attention to Prospekt Source. I also edited engine logo a bit and added new tilesets.


**Here is changelog:**

- Removed drawing of FPS by default. Now you must enter /fps to show it.

- Fixed some bugs in events

- Added layer selection to event editor, so you can choose on what layer will be event drawn

- Overhauled error handler (now Ignore and Abort buttons are acrually doing what they are supposed to do)

- Added displaying of error line to error handler

- Removed tons of unused variables from client

- Optimized drawing of map tiles a bit (merged 3 similar map tile drawing subs to one)

- Fixed tons (and I mean really tons) of bugs in all editors while I was porting them to dev suite

- Created Prospekt Developer Suite

- Added Roofing system

- Fixed possibility of self-killing with ranged weapons

- Added map background sound. This will require deletion of maps

- Removed Day/Night combobox from map properties becouse it was never used

- Changed server interface a bit again (more minimal and enlarged console window)

- Fixed options buttons clicking and states

- Added new tilesets

- Revamped CheckResource sub. This also fixed bug with not being able to cut down resource with no tool requirement

- Fixed dropping items on death

- Added StartMap, StartX and StartY to server side config.ini

- Fixed saving of server side options

- Removed Loading… screen becouse of new menu alert messages

- Fixed Connecting to server... message appearing at start

- Removed Social Icons

- Added missing directory checks to client

- Fixed chat scroll down button position

- Recolored engine logo

- Made some changes to Main Menu design

- Added top and bottom menu shadow

- Revamped Event Message command. Now you can select if you want display player sprite, NPC sprite or simply select sprite number or just do not display any sprite, just plain text.

- Now NPC events will stop moving and look at you when you start conversation with them.

- Fixed bug with selecting item type in item editor.

- Removed Unique item type.

- Added Event item type. Now you can trigger event when using item.

- Fixed withdrawing of ITEM_TYPE_NONE items from bank.

>! >! **Login screen**
>! ![](http://eatenbrain.com/filehost/files/b74ecff125cad4fe12e5561e68e3f73a.png)
>! **Map Editor - Layers**
>! ![](http://eatenbrain.com/filehost/files/46b617d41d11f5938e37f9903075d3aa.png)
>! **Map Editor - Attributes**
>! ![](http://eatenbrain.com/filehost/files/6d0bec5d3ace694c6e55f08c58ee720b.png)
>! **Map Editor - Directional Block**
>! ![](http://eatenbrain.com/filehost/files/97bc1d0d08a96a20b1d728ae9fa0e4ad.png)
>! **Map Editor - Properties**
>! ![](http://eatenbrain.com/filehost/files/73a0c548200ffd06eb49ed7e0f16345a.png)
>! **Item Editor**
>! ![](http://eatenbrain.com/filehost/files/16749d9423810ae090ca5d6d96c753e5.png)
>! **Event Editor**
>! ![](http://eatenbrain.com/filehost/files/57ea82c0a17acaf00f40b14a0e78337d.png)
>! **Login**
>! ![](http://eatenbrain.com/filehost/files/e46da9ace7f23bc439e68b7755ee99b7.png)
>! **Class Select**
>! ![](http://eatenbrain.com/filehost/files/0527eb3fe2165ebf0d1d97dbabd38e7d.png)
>! **New Character**
>! ![](http://eatenbrain.com/filehost/files/709f2701b1eec8411fe452babc9fe03b.png)
>! **Menu Alerts**
>! ![](http://eatenbrain.com/filehost/files/ced53f58a10cde9f4be2fcd42e1308a6.png)


Prospekt Source v12: Download from [Dropbox](http://adf.ly/R5pZY)
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This is mint!!! Well done Thomas :D great work!!

One thing, is there anyway of changing the projectile speed to target? So how fast the image moves across screen. As most the time the target will get damage before arrow reaches, but speeding up arrow movement would solve that?

Cheers and again class work!
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You should Make the animation move like paperdoll with the character.

also Make a type of event which is a Quest, and all Quests will be added to a Quest log with details.

would be cool :)

BTW one of the coolest source edits ive ever seen!:)
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