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Me and My New Project


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Hey Guys! Names Gran I am really new here and often only post here to ask question

but now I have manage something (well i dont know if anyone has done this) new

its in the basic concept of "2d sprite in 3d world"

if you played games like Star Ocean,Disgaea or anything that refers to this concept

yes,I have done it but its not as fully functional yet as EO

well here are first some ScreenShots ( attached files)

So as seen its already basic constructed but need things such as

- Packet(or Server-Client) system ( cuz its not an MMORPG without it)

so basically its single player dependent for now

- Logics like gravity(for jumping) attacking (common sense) interaction

-Better Map Editing, eventhough it already has one its not good

-NPCs (again common sense)

etc. I cant post everything that is need to be added but if you used the clean dx8 in the custom version,its like that but has 3d map

I dont think what Ive done is special but anyway

Why am I here then? Its because Ive been searching for people that could help me (make my work faster) so probably you can recruit me but its either

You help me develop this for free and youll get a part of ownership or

Buy me and my work ( If its this offer contact me)

so thats somethings and before ending my post

Im Gran here is my FB account [email protected]

I always use FB rather than visit here everyday

so thats all and I wish you can attend to this :D
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This looks really cool. 

I think a lot of what you're looking for you can find through a web search, in particular the physics and 3d tile map editor. You could use a lot of the Eclipse code if you go through and add a 3rd dimension analogues to a lot of the procedures and certain variables.
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