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Pokemon: Origins: Staff Wanted!!!


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k so I've been doing School stuff for a while now. Sorry for the delays. Kerii needs to pass school. to answer the question, yeah it's that small. The compact sizing seems to look better to me. That's the second draft for the design. I'll slowly be changing stuff in the game source as I can learn how to do it, or can get someone to do it for me. Graphics are still my main goal but I'll have the tile sets and hopefully the sprite sets done by January first.  I hope people are still interested in this project. Sorry but you guys know how it goes, School, Girls, Food, and lastly game design.
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Ok so I got Insomnia last night and started on something for the gui. I would by no means consider this a finished version but I like it more than the draft two. I'll add a link to draft three because attachments aren't working. I've got a few changes in mind, mainly things that I was 'informed' are 'tacky'. A good rule of thumb is never ask graphic artists for their opinion. Everyone has there own and they all suck. Now don't get me wrong I'm a newb at this stuff, but I don't want someone who claims to do this for a job telling me what I do as a hobby is not worth doing. I've got some other changes in mind that I wanted to do in this draft but decided not to until I have time to concentrate on that aspect.

I've got another week here, then I'm going home for two weeks. I'll have little or no access to the internet so I'll have to try and sneak on when I can and post you guys a few updates. During that time I'll work on my tile sheets. I doodled about 16 map designs on napkins when I was at Waffle House the other night, might do that again tomorrow, if not tonight, so I've got plenty of work slowly stacking up. here's the game plan for the moment. I'll probably back up and reorganize my resources as I go.

1\. Complete main menu design.
2\. Using completed main menu design, complete all of the gui, excluding the in game menu.
3\. Compile tile sheet from resources that I've gathered.
4\. Work on sprite sheet.
5\. Work on Items(this will continue after the base sheet is done)
6\. develop spell sheet.(this will be fun since I've learned how to do lighting and fire in photoshop)
7\. Reconfigure in game menu.
8\. Start mapping and slowly start doing minor scripting and programing.
9\. Get major programing done(provided I have the funding and that there isn't a new engine out by then)
10\. head into Alpha v 0.1

I'm hoping I can get this all done by my birthday in march. that gives me a lengthy time frame to work, and recruit help as I can.

Jobs(listed in the order of importance)

Artist- I need someone who can help with designing and cleaning up items as they are designed or adapted.

Scripter-I need someone who's really familiar with vb6 and Sad script. A lot of the scripts are really simple to do but seem to confuse me. At least you'd would be a consultant, and at most you'll be implamenting the scripts for me.

Programmer- Although Robin technically has this job still I will have to get in touch with him again. This job is only for those highly skilled in VB6\. if you are doing this job your probably going to hate me. I have a lot of crazy ideas and many may have to be hardcoded into the source.

Mapper- I'm pretty nuts about maps. I crave perfection and want things really specific. In this game I'll have 5 regions, so it might be good to play as many pokemon games as you get your hands on. The neat thing about this game is that each region will be expanded, making a larger and more decadent world to explore. For instance Twinleaf Town is one map in the regular game; in this one it is four to six.


Depending on how well the mapping goes I might later add the Orange Islands, Whirl Islands, Sevi Islands, New Island, Navel Island, Birth Island, Southern Island, and Far Away Island. Those will be special quests that will allow the players to see legendaries, and depending on what I decide at the time the quests are available a lucky player might be able to obtain that sprite change.

I don't think I'll include Orre, Flore, or Almnia at least for the time being. expanding four regions and making one from scratch will be hard enough.

I know some of this is getting pretty far ahead of myself, but I want you guys to understand how far I've got it mapped out. The hardest part is getting the grunt work done. If I can get a lot of the tough stuff done the rest will be cake. I'm not sure if this game qualifies as a fan game or just insanity but I think it will be cool none the less.

Seeing as how I've digressed quite a bit I'll get back to the main point of this post. Due date, for you guys who are interested in helping, I hope to have the gui done by the time I leave to go home. I have nothing to do so I'll be working on that most of the week. Here's draf three.


expect the final up by the end of Tomorrow hopefully. If I can meet that self imposed deadline I should be able to get the rest of the gui done in a day or so at most.

Edit: Lulz I didn't even notice that New was off center… that's funny and bad at the same time. I'll fix it in the next version. I'll also change the font and styling of the game title. Yeah I know it's tiny.. but it looks cool when you load the game. Also does anyone know If I can use png instead of jpgs?
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lol? where did that come from? but it is not supported, but you can create it to support it like i did :P. like an ocx file would work best.
take a look at this:
i made fissure transparent. (P.s. it randomly chooses a card)
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Well the reason I asked is because of that white border. In photoshop its actually transparent. Also I'll post it tonight. I was 95% done with I started having weird computer problems. I'll post the full version rather than the 75% done one I had backed up. Ok so your saying use an .ocx, please elaborate on how and what I should do for that to work, if there is anything special for me to do.
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Why thank you. I'll have to make you some pizza rolls or something. I'll do that when i get the gui done. I made one minor change that's temporary so I don't have to go nutz over the formatting. I'll integrate the pngs as soon as I finish the gui. Thanks for the assist.
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Why should I make a new post for the same thing? Simply bringing this thread back was much better than taking space up for a new one about the very same thing. I am still asking for help and I explained my absence. Necro or not the thread is still active until I deem the project closed, which I don't plan to.

My computer and the fact that I went and acquired some cash today have slowed me down. I'm 75% done with the menu and for the time being I'll make a minor mod to the menu I was planning. I'll adjust it to a png when I get that patch installed. Once again thanks for that, Rydinophor.
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I don't consider it nercoing, because the thread is still in use. If a mod comes in and tells me to make a new thread then I will. I'm sorry for the delays I'm having holiday and computer problems. I'm on my stepmom's comp8ter right now and it's slow as all get out. I'll post as much as I can when I get back to my house. See you guys in about a week, as far as I know.
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