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So maybe I didn't go to ALL my lessons…


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And now my form tutor is going to "ring home" about my absences.
But, in my defence, I've only missed 5 lessons this week. 3 from genuine illness. But I think he's gonna be an asshole about it.

God :(

Maybe I'm overreacting? Maybe he won't phone home. I dunno.
But he probably will.
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Its like, uhh. I'm not really sure how to describe it.
At College, I guess its just someone who does all your admin stuff like checks your attendance, passes letters on. Um. It's hard to explain.

Like, you don't have lessons with them. But you see them about everything else.

But he's also my biology teacher. :(
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Ugh. It seems I have gone from bad to worse. Last year I had this irish woman called Ms Doyle _(no joke.)_ who kept calling me "spoon" and shouting at me.

all the time.

Then she called everyone "Billy". It was always "Billy shutup." and I was like, on the other side of the class.
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