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World of Tahl


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Lead Map designer (nice name eh?) - Daemon513
Secondary Map designers - Vixx, (spaces available)
Scripter - Vixx, AdrianC, (spaces available)
GFX Artist - Vixx, (space available)
Paperdoll Artist - (space available)
Sprite Artist - (space available)
Website Designers - Chief
Advertisers/Moderators (forum and in-game) - (spaces available)

I am willing to pay CASH for good work
all monetary funds will be through paypal
no other payment methods accepted
Payment is discussed before work is done
and given after work is completed
Apply in a post please, or message if you must

Before applying here are some basic requirements

MSN is a must-have
Fluent in English
Teamwork is essential
Good personality

Work to be done


Work done

Project outline

Work being done

Custom GUI art

Classes -
There will be 5 classes on release
Mage, Priest, Warrior, Rogue, Shaman

Maps -
The starting goal is 300 maps

Website -

Forum -

Storyline -

The World of Tahl was once a peaceful place, governed by King Theebes.
One day he fell ill and passed away. Theebes' brother Artemus sought the
throne, but the only thing standing in his way was the last line of royal
blood, young Prince Raybrandt.
Raybrandt was set up by Artemus, for murdering the beloved King, just to
satisfy his own need for power and to take the throne. The peasants
believed the story, and Raybrandt was exiled to the northern reaches of
the continent.
Fearful that Raybrandt might rally forces, Artemus set a tax upon the
northern provinces, in order to weaken the peasants. He declared that
Raybrandt was greedy, and since he was still royal blood, thought he
deserved money.
The peasants of the north eventually started feeling the effects, and
many became homeless, their homes being burnt to the ground. They still
believed there was good in Raybrandt, hoping the years of exile had shown
him the light. They went to him, seeking a leader for their revolution.
A leader they found….
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Also its better not to have a way to complete the game as it is a MMORPG. IF you get to the highest level and the game says "Well Done, You've Won" people are gonna get bored very quickly. So why not have like a special gameplay at the max level like you can do ultimate PVP or something. OR finally enter that dungeon to kill that boss.

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  • 2 weeks later...
yup! i helped get you up and running (he couldn't get on his own game, while i had no problem xD). and we've started from scratch. I think my maps are better in World of Tahl (WoT) than in the game i made xD. but im dying to get more done so we can get a few more people in it. and maybe release beta soon. but i think we're a long ways from that. It's looking good so far. We still need other people to join. Even though i'm the main mapper, we still need another 1 or 2\. get things moving faster. If you want to try out, pm (or send MSN) to Codemeister, or me and i'll recommend you. but you have to have some potential. I'll admit, i'm not the best, but i manage. we REALLY need people working with sprites and paperdolls. good examples of those and we'll put you to work immediately.

(hey codemeister, put a few of the screenshots up so people know what to look forward to…and you have a better chance of hiring if you have good screenshots.)

(if he doesn't put any screenshots of WoT, then i will =D )
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could be
I've been trying out a few other eclipse games
to get a feel of whats fun and what isn't
Didn't like KDW much, just grinding really
So I've decided that there will be puzzle solving
quests in WoT and an attempt to making grinding
a very unrewarding idea
I'm working on getting paperdoll well…working
in Tahl, hopefully I figure that crap out and the ball
starts rolling
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i could help a bit with mapping, i am not active as much since lack of time but some will be done. Also i would like to see some pictures please if you don't mind. If you don't want them to be released to public then pm me then. Greeting, Jna
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I can map for anything, do some pixel art, and I'm pretty active. I'm active on weekends the most, and a few hours every day during the weekdays. I would put much time into my work, and if you wish to see some of my work please send me a personal message.
I've used this program before, and I've used Xtreme Worlds more, but there relatively the same. I would do this for free for two reasons, I enjoy doing it, and I'm not 18\. :P

You can contact me on Windows Live Messenger at [email protected]
or on the forums here.
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hey i'm up for it let me know via PM i guess….

i will mod/admin for the game and forums i do it for a lot of games/forums so i'm good with that and i can map too so let me.  Right now i'm still looking for a project to start on i posted on several to see but I am still wait tell i get your response before I am accepting any others because yours sounds good. :P

i work free

1\. i don't like to charge in case i don't make what some one wants ect
2\. i like to do it!

if any thing at all if you ever make special items for donating people give one when you think i did good :P
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