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Lol, I know its not halloween just yet, but i thought maybe i could help keep up some good excitment for the holiday! (so i made a little picture).
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lol thanks. I'm gunna make tons of different colors lol

[EDIT] What do you think about these ones:



(this one is just for fun):
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lol yeah, those brushes are used… a lot. lol cuz they are the only good ones that come with photoshop. I'm suprised i even used them though lol, I'm more of a pattern person lol.
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It's the night before halloween… my street gets hit bad some times, so my and a few of my friends are getting our paintball guns and aluminum bats for intimidation. It's always fun to jump out when they get close to the house and scream. It's so worth it when they scream "Oh Shit!" and run away. :)
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i think renzo lol :p

Near my moms house, its kinda scary to go trick or treating so many people get jumped,
but then at my dads house its no fun

im probably going near my moms house though, theres this big wide field thats prefect for firework battles

A couple years ago, maybe 6-7 , I was going trick or treating and i was like 8, and i knocked on a door, and someone opened it and had a chainsaw looking device that made a noise like a chainsaw, it was sooo scary but amazingly cool
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