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ER 1.8.2 Upcoming

Mohenjo Daro

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As I said before, this update is going to focus on improving the map editor for developers.

* * *

What will be some key features being added?
- Ability to shift click in the map editor instead of dragging to select tiles. This will help mappers when they have a large tileset (like a castle) and want to select it all.
- Ability to "Favorite" tilesets allowing for faster tileset switching
- Mapper safe guards

- Crafting menu and system

* * *

If you have suggestions to be added, head over to: [www.eclipseorigins.com/Thread-ER-Suggestions](www.eclipseorigins.com/Thread-ER-Suggestions)

If you have bugs, head over to: [www.eclipseorigins.com/Thread-ER-Bugs](www.eclipseorigins.com/Thread-ER-Bugs)

If you want to see the current progress, head over to: [http://www.eclipseorigins.com/Thread-ER-1-8-2-Changelog](http://www.eclipseorigins.com/Thread-ER-1-8-2-Changelog)

* * *

* * *

>! ![](https://s26.postimg.org/xpeyaxhzt/1.8.2-_Teaser1.png)

>! ![](https://s26.postimg.org/kqdlrae6x/1.8.2-_Teaser4.png)
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This update has apparently become the crafting update instead of my beloved mapping update (mainly because the mapping portion was fast to do).

The crafting system will have a few new things in it…
1) Recipe item type
2) Crafting stations (map attribute and event)
3) Crafting UI

Recipes will hold the following info: items, crafting station, and (crafting) level needed. As well a crafting time.

To craft, you will have to walk up to a station and interact with it. This will open the UI (still being made at this time) showing a pic of the station. You will then be able to add the recipe to the crafting menu and that will allow you to place the required items into the menu. You will not be able to place a recipe for a different station into the menu.
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