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100% Custom tiles for Vikings


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Maps using 100% custom tiles by me for Vikings.

New town tiles!
2 versions of statues, normal/ruined, animated torches

Btw, before anyone says something like "wtf is wrong with the roof of the house?"
I googled viking buildings and the picture i referenced, the house roofs were covered with grass and sloped all the way down to the ground. Sooo… blame the vikings.

UPDATE 1/11/2009
-New house/building model.
-Standing torches.
-Different colored shrub.
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Alright, I can take the saturation out of the flowers. I'll have to get it tomorrow though.

Well the shadows are modeled after the original ones. but could you give a little more explanation other than they suck? like…. the color is bad.... or the shape is bad?... what?
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