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WTF is wrong?


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Function ReadINI(INISection As String, INIKey As String, INIFile As String)

Here's a random example found in the project that worked:
ReadINI("CONFIG", "Music", App.Path & "\config.ini")
EDIT: Also it was a runtime error "13" (type mismatch)
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> Ok, I dimmed it as a "string" and took away the "+ 1". It worked fine…
> I need to add 1 to it but how??

so you mean it worked to get the data out of the ini?
and you saved it into and integer or a long?

if so, do this

…gettting the VARIABLE...

thats all :p
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Dim UpdateNumber as Integer
UpdateNumber = Val(ReadINI("CONFIG", "Update", App.Path & "/config")) + 1

Learn about your types.
Integer is a number, ReadINI returns a string. You can't add a string to a number it's like trying to add a and 1 togeather.
Val() turns a string into a number.
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