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MUST READ Tutorials!!!!!


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> I have done the tutorial and i can't find everything to change my accsess…it says...[ACCESS]
> Login=********
> Password=********
> Email=NOMAIL
> i need help plz.    :icon_crap:  im about to go nuts,lol  :renzo:  :lipsrsealed:

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Pretty kewl. I love the text that it makes. BTW, I have a V5 of Photoshop. You might want 2 say this:
"On photoshop V5, on the "wind" menu, choose Stagger and do it thrice. Make the wind go left to right. Do a 2-pix grattisan or whatever blur.  Rotate the canvas back. Take the text layer and line it up so that the winded layer is on top. Once done, select the text and emboss it using Filter>Stylize>Emboss.
Easy as stealing candy from a baby. ;-d
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