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[WIP] Aegis [Multiplayer RPG]


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Hi. I'm McAdams, and I'm the head developer of Aegis. Aegis has been my baby for the past three years, and I've put a lot of work into it. Ever since the Eclipse engine collapsed into something I don't want to work with, I've since decided to look for other options. Fortunately, friends of mine, new and old, have since decided to take up the task of developing Aegis alongside me. Me and my team hope to deliver a fun and involving ORPG experience with Aegis, that combines immersing exploration for those who like to relax, and engaging PvE and PvP for those who like a challenge.

**Aegis Team**

**McAdams **- Head Game Developer & Pixel Artist

**Rapture** - Graphic Artist & Developer

**Anadyr -** Head Programmer

I don't have a lot to show right now but I will update this section with our various Google docs and some screenshots.


**>! **800x600 GUI – other sizes here **[http://imgur.com/a/ZrX41#0](http://imgur.com/a/ZrX41#0)
>!  ![](http://i.imgur.com/1FglLWK.png)**
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> I haven't played this game yet , But i really like those graphics :D

Thanks :P I've worked hard on them.

> The menu system if very clean and functional I prefer a little more elaborate but that's just me.

Yeah, that's just concept stuff I've done before there's an actual game. Once we start adding features and content to the game I'm sure I'll have to add and change some of the interfaces around.
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OH GOD it's finally done. It took me so long to make this stupid side view and I'm still not crazy about it. ![](http://puu.sh/3NCRU.png)

Going to give it a shot animating it and see how it works.

Once I get the sprite sheet done I can start working on some cool armor and weapons :)
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