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ER 1.8.2 Release!

Mohenjo Daro

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Eclipse Renewal 1.8.2 is ready for release! 1.8.1 was just released, but it had some bugs and I finished a brand new system so I figured I would release it quickly rather than the normal couple months ;)

***** IMPORTANT ***

Download: [http://www.mediafire.com/file/qxc5t27tqf8jb8j/Eclipse+Renewal+1.8.2.rar](http://www.mediafire.com/file/qxc5t27tqf8jb8j/Eclipse+Renewal+1.8.2.rar)

What's New:

-**Mapping:** This was meant to be a mapper's update (and somewhat still is)
Mappers can no longer be warped when the Dev panel is open. It's common sense to ask before warping, but it still happens, so it's the aim to get rid of that.

Selecting multiple tiles in the map editor is now much easier on larger tilesets. Simply click the start location, and Shift + click the end and it will select everything in between (this is the same system as dragging but with a key for larger tilesets).

FAVORITES!!! A mappers worst nightmare is a lot of tilesets with little organization. Well now you can favorite your tilesets for easier mapping. There is a new check box you can press on a tileset and it will be added to your favorites. Use the bottom scrlbar to switch between. As an added bonus, your favorites are also saved so you can come back to them later when you need a break.

-**Crafting Menu:** Alright, now for the real reason you're here :P
Yes, there are tutorials on the forums to do this, but I prefer to do my own coding so I understand it better and make new and easier systems for doing it.

New Tile: There is a new crafting tile in the map editor! Go to attributes to select it and choose what type you want it to be (the types are based off the what graphics you have in the crafting_stations folder).

New Item Type: There is a new item type added to the engine: Recipe. You can choose what items are needed (up to 5), how many are needed, what station is needed, what rewards are give (up to 1)n, and how many of those rewards are given.

A recipe with no station selected can be crafted at any station, and a station with no type can only craft a recipe with no type.

Once the crafting menu is open, you have to click the recipe you want in your inventory. This will show you what items are needed. Then you have to click each slot on the crafting menu and add the appropriate items from your inventory and click "Craft".

The crafting system is fully working, however it's not the most user friend right now so expect some changes to that in the coming updates.
Such changes include: Item description for the recipe showing what's needed (without it being in the description), what station is needed, etc.; and the selected crafting menu slot to be slightly different in appearance.

For a complete changelog, head over here: [https://www.eclipseorigins.com/Thread-ER-1-8-2-Changelog](https://www.eclipseorigins.com/Thread-ER-1-8-2-Changelog)

This update is still lacking features that were meant to be added, so expect more updates in the future, but we wanted to get the engine out so that people could start making their games. **Future updates won't break your games and will provide converters for any system that is changed**.
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