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Another Flaming Text Tutorial.


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Ok this is my second time typing this all out because i was a nub and hit back when previewing instead of scrolling down. I know i know i r nub. Ok i saw a couple flaming text tutorials but here is another one. You will need a graphics program. I am using Adobe Photoshop CS4.

Step 1\. Start a new doccument of any size, and paint it black. Once you have that done then drag it down to the little icon on the bottom right that is circled in the picture below to make a copy of it.


Step 2\. Now you need to make a text layer. What color you use and what you type dont matter really. In this case i just typed my name…lol. After you are finished drag the text layer down to the icon you dragged the background to and make 2 copies of it. Rearrange your layers (by clicking on one and dragging it down) so that it resembles the picture below. You will also want to click on the eye of the very top layer and make it hidden. It will be used later on in this tutorial.


Step 3\. Now you want to chose the text button again and click on one of the layers with text on it. Highlight the text and change its color. i used red and yellow in mine. Make sure you do this to both of the texture layers that are visable. After you have done that you want to make 4 layers into 2\. We do this by merging. click the eye on the 2 upper layers (in the picture above they would be DeadPool and Background copy) so that they are hidden. Hit Ctrl+E while one of the remaing 2 layers that are visable is highlighted. This will merge them together. After you do that uncheck the eye next to the newly merged layer, then recheck the eyes next to the remaining 2\. Once again merge them together. You will now have something that looks like this.


Step 4\. Rotate your canvas 90 degrees clockwise. Go to filter, Sytleize, and chose wind. Make sure the button From left to right is checked. Hit apply. Do this a total of 6 times (3 for each visable layer). It still does not look quite like fire. So lets go up once again to Filter then Gaussian Blur. set the pixels at 3.0 and hit apply. Do this only once for each layer. Now you will have something that looks like this.


Step 6\. Still not quite there yet. Almost we only have 3 small things left to do. First you will want to rotate your canvas 90 degrees counter clockwise so that it is back to normal. After that do you see in the picture above this where it has a dropdown box with the word Normal in it? Click on the arrow next to the dropdown box and choose Screen. After that click on the eye of the remaining text layer. It should now look like this.


Congradulations You made a flaming text. Below is a picture of mine with some effects added to the text. I left it in Adobe so you can see what effects i did to it incase you care to try yourself. Just remember to right click on the text layer and chose blending options. Have fun and enjoy

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Here is a cool poster I created last year using Photoshop with flaming text. I put in the fire, the smoke and the glows.

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