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How far can you get (Hardest riddle site ever)


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Level 8, gave Up - its not a riddle anymore, its a mind reading contest.

I got so frustrated I went screw this, ill find out the answer from google.. and I did so i could get to 9 if i wanted (after cheating) but i looked at the nextt few answers, and they just get more rediculous.
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> ‭‮‪‫ Kusy link=topic=38129.msg364616#msg364616 date=1233954773]
> Come on… are you dumb or what? You compleated lvl 1 so you should be able to notice that hint for lvl 2 is a hint for lvl 1... gawd.

Im not dumb I know that but wtf are you talking about. All I see is "trick it"
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