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Why not start a group for the coders?


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I see several groups pop up, and why shouldn't the good coders make one?

Tag could be: [VB]
Name: buh, think of one :P

We can think of more, just need to see if people would be interested in having one :P

Head Chiefs:
[XxArchAngelxX (the fake one)](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/smf/index.php?action=profile;u=7086)
Good Coders:
New Members:
Not approved yet:
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> Lol?
> I don't see it :P
> Well, if it does, then this one is for coders that do short jobs for a small amount of money.
> F.E.: A one-time job of 2 software things for 10 dollar (just an example).
> NO NOOBS if this goes.

I'm in if so.
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> anasky link=topic=38674.msg372713#msg372713 date=1234688999]
> Uhhm, sure :P
> But, shouldn't all groups get a subboard then?
> http://VBeclipse.chatango.com/

The groups have sub-boards r can get them. They are just hidden to people not in the group.
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> anasky link=topic=38674.msg372750#msg372750 date=1234697028]
> It would include Java(Script) if Eclipse would use it.
> Since this is not the case, it's a no.

Hope this helps?
If you manage to build an engine with one of these languages, you're more then welcome!

What I'm going for with this group is: getting others to use an engine (eclipse so far) and let us, for a small amount of money, do changes others cant.
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