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Eclipse Rap Battle


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It was about 18 months old and the story was told.

Richy won with flows so cold, it tore that ass ten fold.

That topic is still alive, but it's buried in sand.

Why couldn't you bring it back from the grave, afraid to get banned?

That's alright, go ahead and make a new topic.

I'm not fighting for respect anymore, hoes already know that I'm slick.
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Not gonna follow this but here's a quickie..

I got bars for days, that's why my rhymes so fresh
Richy lieing who's best, one line put em down in the ground who's next?
To battle with a mind so ruthless, spitting fire through text
Step up to the plate and get slammed, Suplex
I'm a lyrical boxer when I flow, punch-lines with his dome
Then he met-a-phor knuckle sandwich to the nose, straight shattering the bone
Ref says knockout, the word-plays in your head as your eyes roam
And McAdams spit a rhyme, quit yapping your tongue
Keep up Zesh, matter fact you've already lost and it's just only begun
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