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Mohenjo Daro's Updater Tutorial: Setup

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Download the updater from here: [http://www.mediafire.com/file/q5r41ey4wp97i32/Updater.rar](http://www.mediafire.com/file/q5r41ey4wp97i32/Updater.rar)

![alt text](https://s26.postimg.org/l09cx1ye1/Updater_Preview.png)

You should first know what each part you see on the updater is.

The center text shows what the updater is currently downloading, your current version is shown in the lower left corner, and the most up to date version is shown in the lower right corner.

There is also a text box in the upper center that will show any errors that occur.


![alt text](https://s26.postimg.org/rcoi6w1g9/Updater.png)

To make the updater work for your game, you just have to change the Config.txt file.

This is where you put the URL to your version history. By default the URL is set to Eclipse Renewal's version history page here on the forums. This has been tested and works on the Eclipse Forums and Pastebin.

This is where you put the link to your hosting site (**NOT** the link to the actual download). This will allow the updater to find the download link from your version thread/site.

This is where you put the file extension of the file you're downloading.

This is where the user's version is kept track of. The only change this line needs is your starting version. By default this is 0.0.0

This will be the name of the folder in the updater folder for the extracted files to be placed. By default it's "Extraction Location".
*Note: I plan to allow paths to different folders in the future.


Now to set up your version thread.

Both sites require you to have the versions in descending order (3.0.0, 2.0.0, 1.0.0). The version must be set up like "Version: #.#.#: " with the colons and spaces in those areas. This lets the Updater know what to look for.
*Note: I plan to add a Layout option to the config to allow custom layouts so you don't have to keep to this exact layout.


**Eclipse Forums:**
Version: 1.8.1: [*TEXT HERE*](*DOWNLOAD LINK*)
Version: 1.8.1: [*TEXT HERE*](*DOWNLOAD LINK*)


Version: 0.0.1: *DOWNLOAD LINK*
Version: 0.0.0: *DOWNLOAD LINK*


Currently the Updater only works with **Google Drive**, **Dropbox**, and some direct links.
I plan to add MediaFire support in the future. Please post any other file hosting sites you would like me to add support for, and I'll do my best.

Currently, if the download link is not **Google Drive**, **Dropbox**, or Mediafire, the Updater will try to download it directly. this download method usually only downloads the website's page and not the actual file. Please only use the supported file hosting sites. If you find a site that also works I'll add it to the list.

The supported file formats are Zip, 7Zip, and Rar (before version 5).

Please post any other Version layouts and the website it's for and I'll add it to the list.


As a side note, if you use google drive to host your game files, your users will need a google account. I will try to fix this, but currently they need the account.
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@kouga Originally I was going to release the source, but since it will contain a few things I'd rather not release, it will be closed source. However, I'm going to be making most things with it customizable with the config file.

By most things are changeable, I mean you will be able to change the locations, graphics, texts, fonts, etc.. You will also be able to change the language (it uses a lot of code that EC uses).

You can still decompile the updater, but I'd just rather not give the code out directly.
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