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Bloodmoon Rising

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**I'm thinking of starting a forum game (based off the werewolf game) and I need to see how many people are interested. It's basically a forum game, mixed with a card game. It requires you post at least once a day. Please just post or pm if you're interested in playing or want more information.**


476, a year that I remember well. The Roman Empire had collapsed, abandoning villages who had stayed loyal for many years. Viree was such a village; A small hamlet nestled deep in the side of the mountain. Every villager had been happy for an age; however, that all changed one day.

It first started with rumors of a darkness spreading from the wilds. Whispers of a monster on the road. Vigilant Roman guards that once patrolled the roads had disappeared; we were left defenseless. Suddenly animals were found by hunters, slaughtered and mutilated. Slowly some townsfolk began missing, and then their corpses began to pile up. They appeared to be mauled by a wolf, but we knew what darkness plagued us…

A werewolf.

No help came from Rome that day we discovered the creature was among us; no help from the outside world. We knew the blood moon was coming, and we knew what that meant. If we were to survive this month, we would have to come together and kill the beast!


One random player is a werewolf, and the rest of the players are humans. Each round villagers try to kill the werewolf; the werewolf in turn tries to kill the humans. Vote who to kill, use Ability cards to detect or protect yourself, and try to remain standing!

**Victory and Defeat**

Human Victory: The werewolf and all its allies are destroyed.

Werewolf Victory: The game is over when the werewolf (and allies) are equal to or out number the humans; The humans are devoured. In addition, if the werewolf hunter is slain by the werewolf, the game is over.


A round consists of a four phases.

_Morning Phase:_ Each player casts a vote who the werewolf is. The townsfolk then band together and kill that person with silver weapons. They won't know if the werewolf if dead till the next morning.

_Day Phase:_ Each player activates a Human Ability Card.

_Evening Phase:_ A guard volunteers or is selected by popular vote. The rest of the villagers go to bed.

_Night Phase:_ The werewolf can activate an ability card and attacks the guard. The guard is slain and the werewolf takes one heart in damage.


Can openly or through private messages discuss any aspect of the game (as long as it doesn't break the rules). Your goal is to kill the werewolf and all its allies. Everyone votes on who dies and it is posted for all to see.

At the start of the game you draw 3 Ability Cards. At the end of each Morning phase you draw another.


Each night activate an ability, kill a guard, and find a way to recover lost Hearts. It's to be noted while you can activate Human Ability Cards it does nothing for you. Use deceit and subterfuge to succeed in killing all humans. You can do a "Bloodmoon Hunt" once a game. If you believe you know who the werewolf hunter is you can perform the "Bloodmoon Hunt" and instantly kill that person. If you kill the werewolf hunter you become empowered and kill everyone; however, if you're wrong the werewolf hunter stealthy dispatches you. You lose the game if this happens.

At the beginning of the game you draw 3 Ability Cards; At the beginning of each Night Phase you draw an additional Ability Card.

**Werewolf Hunter**

The werewolf is a spawn of the devil; you're the only hope for the town of Viree. You must keep your identity and kill the werewolf (and allies). Use your Hunter Abilities and help guide the decision of the villagers. The werewolf hunter can't be the guard.


Do not ruin the game by revealing who you truly are. Be sure to post once a day to vote. Feel free to discuss with others who each person is (don't purposely reveal). Don't purposely throw the game or afk.****
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