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I've been bored to no end lately…most of my time has been spent waiting, waiting for 3.0, waiting for my graphics skill to improve :P, waiting for 2012 (world ends, I won't be bored anymore).

So anyway...I've opened up a free "service". See this:


I'd make one like that for you, assuming you have a brute. Is it great? No, but it's free, and all you really have to do is **give me this:**

1\. Your brute's URL
2\. A background (300x200). Of if you don't want a background, I can do that too…
3\. If you want the little chat bubble
  I. What you want it to say
  II. What color of outline you want
  III. What color you want on the inside of it
  IIII. If you want a shadow or not
4\. If for some reason, you want a special name for your brute, say that.
5\. The little light's color behind the brute, if you want it. (blue, red, or green)

And that's all. If you think they look like crap, feel free to have me make one for you anyway, like I said, I'm doing this cause I need something to do.
I'm not requiring credit.
Edit it all you want.
If you aren't happy with the outcome, too bad. I'll make another one for you.

**Why would I want this?**

Beats me, but people do it for other things, and you could make the image link to your brutes cell or something.
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