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That's an easy to understand part of the code. A more complicated part is

' Shop
GUI(GUI_SHOP).X = (frmMain.ScaleWidth - GUI(GUI_SHOP).Width) * 0.5
GUI(GUI_SHOP).Y = (frmMain.ScaleHeight - GUI(GUI_SHOP).Height) * 0.5

This code will place the shop menu in the center of the screen. It gets the form size and the menu and centers them ( X/2 - Y/2 = c[X - Y] / 2 which will center)


' Options
GUI(GUI_OPTIONS).X = frmMain.ScaleWidth - 232
GUI(GUI_OPTIONS).Y = frmMain.ScaleHeight - GUI(GUI_OPTIONS).Height - (frmMain.ScaleHeight -
BTN(1).Y + btnOffset)

This code will make sure the option menu is always in the lower right corner of the screen. 232 is the option menu width and offset from the side of the screen.

BTN(1).Y is in that code to keep your menus above your buttons so that you don't have a menu blocking you from clicking a button). The offset is to keep the menus slightly above your buttons.


Thanks to deminizer for asking me to explain these to him in chat, showed me I should explain them instead of saying where to look :)
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No problem :)

To change the button locations

' Loop through the locations
For i = btnCount To 1 Step -1 ' Rows are done in order, columns are reversed: enum order is right to left and top to bottom
If i = btnCount Then
BTN(btnEnabled(i)).X = frmMain.ScaleWidth - BTN(btnEnabled(i)).Width - btnOffset
If btnCount - i <= (btnCount / rows) * (tempRows + 1) Then
BTN(btnEnabled(i)).X = BTN(btnEnabled(i + 1)).X - BTN(btnEnabled(i)).Width - btnOffset
BTN(btnEnabled(i)).X = frmMain.ScaleWidth - BTN(btnEnabled(i)).Width - btnOffset
tempRows = tempRows + 1
End If
End If

BTN(btnEnabled(i)).Y = frmMain.ScaleHeight - BTN(btnEnabled(i)).Height - btnOffset - ((tempRows) * (BTN(btnEnabled(i)).Height + btnOffset))

This sub is in GUILoction as well. This will align the buttons to the lower right corner. The button sizes can be changed, but I suggest making them all similar heights (they use the current button height when placing the rows/assigning heights).
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