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Project Vertigo Origins [ 1.1.4 – FINAL ] (2D Side-Scrolling ORPG Engine)


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Project Vertigo:
 _**Origins Edition **_
pseudo-final 1.1.4


What is Project Vertigo?

> Project Vertigo is a 2D tile-based side-scrolling **o**nline **r**ole **p**laying **g**ame engine (**ORPG** engine). Project Vertigo Origins is a full take on the concept using Eclipse's own _Eclipse Origins_ (hence the suffix). Fully converting _Eclipse Origins_ to work with full side-scrolling gameplay in mind will give developers more of a dynamic workspace to work with when coming to Eclipse to create their own game(s).

Where can I find the **download**?



(Alternative link: [HERE](http://www.mediafire.com/download/9x9eiz5nj26mcwa/pvo_1.1.4.zip))


Version 1.1.4's change log:

>! Project Vertigo Origins 1.1.4
>! ____________________________________
>! [o]Changed the warp attribute color to magenta 
>! [o]Fixed animations from playing a tile lower after a monster is killed
[o]Fixed NPC spawning (doesn't error out for checking if the NPC has something to stand on)
[o]Allow jump SFX to play when jumping out of 1x1 cliff-edge pathway and only play once after pressing jump
[o]NPCs do not spawn over or on trap/warp/npcavoid tiles (they can walk through warp tiles, not trap/npcavoid tiles)
[o]Added index to player water movement variable
[o]Added IsValidMapPoint() calls where needed (warp tile bug with differing map sizes)

>! Project Vertigo Origins 1.1.3
>! ____________________________________
>! [o]Fixed InertiaSpeed value overflow error (RTE: 6)
>! [o]Made DropDown into a player-specific variable to prevent animation desync
>! [o]Cleaned up some x and y offset resetting code
>! [o]Newly-created players' sprites now render (was fixed with the anim/desync fix?)
>! Project Vertigo Origins 1.1.2
>! ____________________________________
>! [o]Increased incoming datapacket limit to 40 (spam tested)
>! Project Vertigo Origins 1.1.1
>! ____________________________________
>! [o]Fixed 'spinning player' glitch (a foreign packet overload)
>! [o]Allowed player sprites to have dynamic widths
>! [o]Disallowed for sending both x and y of player when desyncing for inerting/moving
>! Project Vertigo Origins 1.1.0
>! ____________________________________
>! [o]Fixed player creation rendering
>! [o]Added in a dynamic multi-frame animation system (for players/paperdoll only)
>! [o]Added ability for players to run underwater
>! [o]Added the ability for spells to be cast while moving if player is in the air
>! [o]Aligned the animations to play at the target's feet (for side-scrollers)
>! [o]Scrollbar refreshes position after changing tileset
>! [o]Added in a parallaxing background system
>! [o]Fixed player animation desync. on jumping/falling
>! [o]Changed running from SHIFT to a double-tapping motion of the arrow key(s)
>! [o][Some hotfix…?](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/smf/index.php/topic,77397.msg828198.html)
>! [o]Fixed a bug where players could spam the Jump.wav sound effect
>! [o]Fixed a bug where NPCs could spawn on a bank tile
>! [o]Fixed a bug where players could float on top of the map
>! [o]Changed the HOME key for turning the player to the END key (easier access)
>! [o]Changed resource tiles from solid to walkthru
>! Project Vertigo Origins 1.0.1
>! ____________________________________
>! [o]Fixed player falling into their first water tile not being slowed down.
>! [o]Fixed NPCs' inability to spawn on water tiles.
>! [o]Fixed NPCs' inability to walk through water tiles.
>! [o]Fixed NPCs' inability to walk through water at the speed of water.
>! [o]Fixed player entering their first water tile horizontally and not being slowed down.
>! [o]Fixed the HOME key bug, that allowed players to simultaneously walk and change directions.
>! Project Vertigo Origins 1.0.0
>! ____________________________________
>! [o]Added platform tiles (can jump up through and drop down from, but not naturally due to gravity).
>! [o]Added water tiles (move slower through them).
>! [o]Altered character PNG files to left and right only format.
>! [o]Added fully working gravity.
>! [o]Added fully working jumping (height varies on length of jump key held).
>! [o]Added admin "flying" while editing maps for more the developer's convenience.
>! [o]Added ability to fall from one map to another (and vice versa via jumping up through the top of a map).
>! [o]Converted the shift key to make the player run (as opposed to walk).
>! [o]Added directional shifting (left and right) via the HOME key.
>! [o]Added jumping and landing sound effects.

Version 1.1.4 bugs:

>! Project Vertigo Origins 1.1.4
>! ____________________________________
>! [o] Fix map scrolling bug when size is just 1(+) that of the screen size (14x11 -> 15x11 for a 480x384 screen resolution)
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Good news guys, I finished all the coding already. All there is left to do now is make the cool GUI. I am fine on that part, but it will not be ready until tomorrow. I can post some screens of the engine in a few mins. I added buttons SFX too, as well as a JUMP.wav file that plays when you jump.
Btw, to jump, just press 'UP' on the arrow keys. Press 'DOWN' to enter warps. If you want NPCs to be on platforms, make sure to add NPC Avoids at the edges so the NPCs don't walk off into the air.
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Arent you violating terms of Eclipses open source? You have make all source edits freely available of you are using Eclipse.
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> Arent you violating terms of Eclipses open source? You have make all source edits freely available of you are using Eclipse.

I made the physics code along with V-Rage. I don't have to release it. Make your own physics code, then you can release it open sourced.
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Miguu, awesome release. Just tested, a bit jumpy at times. But it works is the point. Would you mind adding perhaps another frame set so it doesnt look like the sprite is walking in mid air? Or perhaps since the up set is not used, then change it so when the Y coord isnt Ground, then only display up set?

Hopefully you understood what i ment
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Yea, I will add jumping anim [sep. frames] for when the player is jumping and falling. BTW, please patch with this new hotfix, it updates the server's code so NPCs don't bug out. I tested it myself and it works now, feel free to add NPCs to your maps but make sure to also set their coordinates.

:: HOTFIX [1] ::

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[HOTFIX #2] (Please patch over entire folder)
[Hotfix #2 (ProjectVertigo.exe)](http://files.filefront.com/13925117)

This new hotfix is only client-sided and it changes the jumping and falling animations, it won't show air-walking anymore.
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I was gonna say something about that.

By the way, warp is broken.

Freezes map and yeah…

EDIT: MrMiguu, I might make an example game with this. Just to show people what games would be like using it. I'll make a couple small quests, and a cheesy storyline.

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