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How do I setup VB6 for use?


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I think it's something with Andur's engine.
I tried with the Renewal and now it works perfectly.
I didn't even need to go in Ctrl+T and it compiled perfectly. I only changed the 2.1 to 2.0.

For some reason .ListItems is screwed on Andur. I've gone to both same lines and here's the differences:
Sub ClearPlayer(ByVal Index As Long)
Dim i As Long

Call ZeroMemory(ByVal VarPtr(TempPlayer(Index)), LenB(TempPlayer(Index)))
Set TempPlayer(Index).Buffer = New clsBuffer

Call ZeroMemory(ByVal VarPtr(Player(Index)), LenB(Player(Index)))
Player(Index).Login = vbNullString
Player(Index).Password = vbNullString
Player(Index).Name = vbNullString
Player(Index).Class = 1

frmServer.lvwInfo.ListItems(Index).SubItems(1) = vbNullString
frmServer.lvwInfo.ListItems(Index).SubItems(2) = vbNullString
frmServer.lvwInfo.ListItems(Index).SubItems(3) = vbNullString
End Sub
Sub ClearPlayer(ByVal index As Long)
Dim i As Long

Call ZeroMemory(ByVal VarPtr(TempPlayer(index)), LenB(TempPlayer(index)))
Set TempPlayer(index).Buffer = New clsBuffer

Call ZeroMemory(ByVal VarPtr(player(index)), LenB(player(index)))
player(index).Login = vbNullString
player(index).password = vbNullString

Call ZeroMemory(ByVal VarPtr(player(index).Char(i)), LenB(player(index).Char(i)))
player(index).Char(i).Name = vbNullString
player(index).Char(i).Class = 1

frmServer.lvwInfo.ListItems(index).SubItems(1) = vbNullString
frmServer.lvwInfo.ListItems(index).SubItems(2) = vbNullString
frmServer.lvwInfo.ListItems(index).SubItems(3) = vbNullString
End Sub
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Still won't compile on Andur. I really think .ListItems might be somehow screwed up.

I don't really mind starting from renewal but yea, it would have been nice to start from Andur. I'll just have a few more things to add/modify but it's fine ^^.

Thanks a lot for the help guys!
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