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Networking Windows XP MCE

sir zach

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Here is what my DHCP Client Table looks like (Linksys):

Zachs-iPod  00:25:00:ae:5b:1f  23:44:58 
renees-laptop 00:c0:a8:cf:6c:7f 23:05:39
your-0cdc4f5844 00:14:a5:bf:e2:76 23:03:47
home-server 00:0d:88:58:46:0a 23:03:43

That's weird… My laptop with Win7 is missing...
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hmmm… weird. Its got to be some sort of permissions problem then...

I'll have to think about it.

what you could do in the mean time is just share a folder on win7, put what files you need in that folder and then connect from your mce to win7 and grab them that way.
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