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EXP not updating

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I've ran a test to figure out what side it's happening on, it is indeed the Server side.

I've ran debugging tests on it, and it seems to be working right, so I thought maybe it was a graphical error? But, no because my level isn't raising. It's not shooting off any errors, just not sending EXP when the NPC dies.

Where and what should I look into, to fix an error like this? I'm out of ideas. If you have team viewer, I can show you my issue first hand rather than trying to explain it on here ( Not the best at that always ).


![alt text](http://i66.tinypic.com/5mn961.png)
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@solidlink He's using ER 1.7, but SetPlayerExp looked like this. The code shown is missing a line.

Sub SetPlayerExp(ByVal Index As Long, ByVal exp As Long)
Player(Index).exp = exp
If GetPlayerLevel(Index) = MAX_LEVELS And Player(Index).exp > GetPlayerNextLevel(Index) Then
Player(Index).exp = GetPlayerNextLevel(Index)
End If
End Sub
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