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Draken's Gnome Food


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Have you ever wonder what I feed the gnomes?

Well I made this creation a few years ago.And I do it by eye hell its for the gnomes so they will eat what ever.


2 boxes of Brownie mix ( and anything else to make the brownies)
Box of Gram Crackers
2 Boxes Of Vanilla Pudding ( and milk to make the pudding)
1 tub of whip cream ( the larger one forgot the size)
1 thing of Chocolate Frosting

Okay step 1

Bake your brownies 1 box keep them in the shape of the pan the other crumble

Next Make your pudding in a big bowl and mix in the tub of whip cream

okay in a deep dish pan you will put the brownies that are not crumbled then pudding/cream mixture  then Gram crackers  then pudding/cream then brownies again this time using the crumble and dont make it real thick.

you will layer like this until you run out of stuff to make layers.

Make sure you end your layers on a pudding/cream mixture. Now on the very top sprinkle some brownie crumbles for look and drizzle the chocolate over the top in lines.

Ill be making this again this christmas so ill take a pic when I make it again :)
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well the original one i made didnt use brownies it only used gram crackers, just later i found out the brownies gave a slight fudge taste to it here and there. hmmm you could make some chocolate fudge and use that instead of brownies I wonder how that would taste.
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