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WAM Engine [VB.NET with XNA]


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_**Hello, **_

_**I offer here an almost complete engine. **_

_**I worked on it for a long time, until I decided to completely abandon the VB.net. **_

_**For it is not a job in vain, I provide here the engine.**_


I have no current photos … 

The project runs more beautiful than this …




The server was programmed with optimum safety and stability.

But I created only editor of maps, the rest is done within the source.

So it takes some knowledge to develop a game that basis.


_-Login/Register perfect_

_-Character creation with customization perfect_

_-AI for npcs aprimored (compared to EO)_

_-Attack system perfect (different characters obtain diferent range)_

_-Special attack with right mouse click_

_-Inventory perfect_

_What's not completed?_


_-Character window_

**Engine download:**


**To open the source is required:**

**_Visual basic 2010 (With service pack 1)_**


**_Windows phone sdk:_**


_**I want to create new versions of the engine, if the result of the reaction of you is positive.**_

_**Plis, respect the license, and sorry for my english…**_
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ill add a little review here:

The engine is bare bones, I havent touched the map editor yet, but its in very early development. The engine it self seems very stable and complete where it stands. You attack with your mouse but it will need changing slightly to face where you click. What you see in the screen shot above is all there is interface wise; the chat works, equipping works and moving works. For people experiences in .net and XNA this would make a beautiful base to work from but if you are not clued up then you will struggle. You will have to stop the server spamming msgbox's before you do anything just CTRL + F msgbox until you find the correct one server side. Also you will need to translate to english like I did, it took 5 mins tops.

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