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Hmm did they drive off? Atleast you saw it.

I remember a few New Year's Eves ago someone hit my car as it was parked on the street, caused a large scratch down the the door and tore off the driver's side mirror. Happened overnight, in the morning I saw the debris. But then a year later I did the same thing and messed up the transaxle.
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I remember one day I was in a parking lot and this van drove up next to my parked car and proceeded to have elderly people get out of it. 'Course they park so close that they open the door, slam it into mine, close it, slam it open again, get out and then they have the nerve to lick their fingers and try to buff it out that way. Needless to say, I got their car towed. They parked next to a fire-hydrant. ;D

- Adulese
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ask and ye shall receive…

Marsh you should make sure you take pics of where your car was parked… how close you normally park to the curb... what the street looks like at that time normally.

The more pics you have the better chances you have for your favor.
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