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Question about resources, and where they go!


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So i am making a game, and i decide that i want to add some custom images sprites, tiles etc. I go to the folder and realize that they are all in .dat files.  is this the place where i put my image files that i want to use in the game, or do i need to make them into a specific file format first? thanks!
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Ahh, you went to the wrong folder. You went into the Server folder, to data, to resources, what you'll want to do IS go to the Client folder, to data, to graphics, then to resources. All the image files will be in there.

Hopefully this helps.

P.S. Client\Data\Graphics\…   hold all of the graphic files, so if you want to add any of your own, then go into here and find the correctly labeled folder for what you want to add.
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