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Runescape thread

demon xxx x

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Here are my stats:


I'm going to get 72 Fishing, 70 Slayer, 99 Fletching, then 99 Strength, Attack, and finally Defence. After that I'll start planning again.


> God no. Training with a Dark Bow is stupid. I only just bought it at 74 range. I use it to spec whilst training for fun.
> I did 60 - 70 range at Ogres, then did 70 - 74 in a few of hours AFKing Zammy Warriors with prot melee.
> Back at Ogres now, but I might mix it up a bit with Zammy Warriors from time to time.

Ok thanks bro!
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Nearly 80 range. Took a break and got 50 hunter. Did Cold War to unlock the Penguin Hide & Seek activity so that I can get some easy exp in hard stats. Ended up doing Hunt for Red Raktuber for the sexy octopus hat and the extra 1 point from the polar bears.

Did As a First Resort… as well, so I've got a supply of bird meat. Give me a few days of buying out their shop and I'll have 66 summoning banked.

Also got 54 agility and did Regicide & Roving Elves for dragon halberd & crystal bow.

Once I get 85 - 90 range I'll give the fight caves a go to get a fire cape. It'll look sexy on a level 77! :3


**Crystal Bow:**

**Dragon Halberd:**
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Recently started back up as F2P, and gave Dungeoneering a try. Despite the fact that a lot of people criticize it, I think it's one of the more fun activities on Runescape, and most certainly one of the best for free players. I really like the Roguelike element of it. It's annoying that you have to run it over and over to accrue the experience to be able to do anything worthwhile (the crux of any MMO), but at least it doesn't feel like a grind while doing so.

Name's "Zero Torrent" if anyone wants to add me. I won't likely be purchasing a membership anytime soon, and I'm unsure how often I'll be online, but if I'm online we can chat or something.



Here are my stats. I generally play in World 113, the F2P Skill Level 1000+ world, so I can avoid the low levels. I'm just cool like that.
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I need to start making more money. I'm going to go ahead and fish about 10k sharks, I should be done by Friday next week.
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Finally got 85 range. :3


Also started doing the circus. Got a nice ringmaster hat. I want the jacket next.

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Mate of mine bought membership on my main account so we could make twin RSC pkers.

Added up its bank worth to find out I managed to get back up to 62m after losing around 45m last year. ;D

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