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How to go back to old EO character customization.

Zoran of Termitopia

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Hello! I'm Akrivus, formerly known as Chapi.

I am a former EO 2.0 user, and I've gotten into EO 4.0, and one of the really major changes I can't get used to is the character customization.

It gives a ton more work to do, since I can't draw faces, only sprites, and being the broke 14 year old I am, all I have on me are like five satoshis, so I can't buy crap. XD

Anyway, is there any way to bypass that and just go to the old method of EO which was clicking on "Change Sprite" or something? It would really help me.
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Not quite sure if this is what you need but E.O.4 Gold has a class editor that allows you to change to an older fashion of one set face per sprite. It's in the admin folder. E.O.4 silver I do know if it has this ability..
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