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Tales of Zodiac: Memories Lost


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**Tales of Zodiac: Memories Lost**
**By:** Helladen and Fragment of Chaos
**Version:** 5.1E

This is a game that was made in early 2007\. It uses Rpg Maker XP as the core engine. I have fully revised the entire game and made it a much smoother game play. I hope you guys enjoy playing it. It was sure fun making it with Fragment of Chaos. :)
[Click Here!](http://www.legendsofarteix.com/downloads/RTP.zip)
[Click Here!](http://www.legendsofarteix.com/downloads/Tales_of_Zodiac.exe)

>! Chapter I: Memories Lost
Chapter II: Heart of Darkness
Chapter III: The Dark Demise
Chapter IV: The Creation

>! Seven Ancient powers were created thousands of years ago with unimaginable, and devastating power of their own type. Beings called Ancients controlled these powers from a place called Armageddon. Each of these powers are represented with an element, and their own specific name. The elements are Fire, Water, Light, Darkness, Earth, Wind, and Thunder. Before anyone could steal these powers the Ancients locked them away into seven temples where they would remain until the one of great evil was born.
A boy named Zephyr who was born in Radia is given the role to defend these temples from a great evil. Zephyr wonders the coasts of Zangard looking for his purpose in life, what he doesn't realize is that the Ancients had sent him down to do this special task. Zamachar is known as the Ultimate Weapon of Destruction. Who takes hold of the world with the help of the powers from the Zodiac. An ancient blood line that runs through Zephyr and Zamachar. The only person capable of defeating Zamachar is Zephyr himself.








>! ![](http://www.legendsofarteix.com/logos/Zephyr.png)
He is a rude person who likes to do things on his own. Born in the country of Zangard. He lived in Radia during his childhood. Zephyr was orphaned when he was five when his family was killed by a raid by the nation of Sylia. With no one else to turn to he was taken in by a soldier-turned-blacksmith named Leviath and taught how to fend for himself. Learning both domestic and fighting skills.
>! Age: 17


>! ![](http://www.legendsofarteix.com/logos/Cypher.png)
Born in the prestige land of Zangard. Cypher leads a ordinary life in a country side town. One of the few towns that wasn't effected by Zamachar's plague. He usually hangs out with his little brother. Cypher taught himself how to fight and how to defend himself. He acts childish at times trying to be serious. People don't realize how strong he is, because of the way he acts. He is the protector of his village of SwordHaven.
>! Age: 19


>! ![](http://www.legendsofarteix.com/logos/Acerebus.png)
He's the kind of person who keeps to himself and doesn't like to messed with. He left his village many years ago looking for his brother who vanished. When he finally found his brother's location he was trapped inside a necklace.
>! Age: 27


>! Minkoff Animated Battlers
Real Time Active Battler
Limit Breaks
Limit Break Menu
FF7 Menu System
Unique Save System
Skill Casting Delay
Battle Report System
Remodeled Damage Display
Universal Message System
2 Different Kinds of Menu Bars (Battle/Menu)
Stealing/Mugging/Scanning (Scanning removed due to a bug)
Pause System
Overhead Arrows
Faces for Battle Report and Menu
With much more


>! Helladen
Fragment of Chaos
Mr Wiggles
RPG Advocate
The Law G14
Midas Mike
SDK Team
Kingdom of Heaven
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There are female characters, but both were not added to the party yet. I didn't finish all the chapters.

I might finish it later on, but noticed a small mapping bug damn! D:

Your signature always catches my attention lol.
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