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Eclipse Renewal

Officer Johnson

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Ok this is whats gonna happen, i'm gonna try and get us to a 2.0 release then most likely retire updating this engine so hopefully all the people who use this :) will be happy with this and by 2.0 will have everything they need :)

My plans:

1.6.5 (sometime this week)

Fixes and more server sided options

Better crafting system

and some other minor fixes

1.7.0 (hopefully by mid of January):


Auction house system

more server sided stuff

minor fixes

1.7.5 (by end of January):

More server sided stuff

Hoping to make some add ons to guild and quest systems

Thats the plans for now. Hope this gives all people who use this a good idea of where this is hopefully going in the next month or two.

~officer johnson
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