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Eclipse Renewal

Officer Johnson

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Hows everyone doing :) I know this might seem a shock that theirs actually a post in this thread. But here we go xD. We will be releasing 1.8 which will be one final version of eclipse renewal in vb6 it will be all daros work. I have been working on making an engine very similar to this one in vb.net so if you really like this engine or if you use it there will be a vb.net "version" coming soon. The new engine will be called the Magmatic Engine (hope you like the name xD). It will have many of the amazing features of this engine and more i think it will be better to change to the vb.net engine then to continue using this one. So that is the main reason i've started working in vb.net. Their will be more details on the new engine to come and daro will give you some info on 1.8 when he gets a chance but for now this is all.

-Johnson :)
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Alright, so since I'll be doing the last update, I want some input from the community. Such as, should I use dx7 or dx8, what features are wanted, etc.? I do need to know if I'll be doing dx7 or dx8 though because I need to know which version of the engine to code. (I'm expecting to have to use dx8)
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I'm not sure what is meant by a scripting system.

I would like to see the ability to add buffs/debuffs to spells and consumable items.
I would also like to see an event system in that you can queue events to work one after another. So I could say, play an animation, warp the player at the end of the animation (or during, ability to set the queue timings?) damage them and output a system message to their chatbox in the space of like 2/3 seconds, whilst also giving them a forced quest.
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