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Highway Trouble


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First game In construct. I plan to add-on and add different graphics.


What it has right now:

-Random Car spawn

-Moving bushes



-2 Lane mode (Added 9/27/14)

What I want to add:

-Custom player cars

-Random car images

-Better graphics


-Madness Mode

-Difficulty selector

-Maybe more…


-Cars will collide and delete each other, this is due to my lazy way to stop overlapping cars

~~-Score doesnt reset~~ (Fixed 9/27/14)

Eye Candy!:

Game Over


2 Lane

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-Fixed Score bug

-Added 2 lane mode

-Made a screen after death so you can read score

Plans for next update:

-Fix collision bug

-Increase speed of cars over time

-Better Graphics (maybe)

Same Link: [http://ghngames.com/ht](http://ghngames.com/ht)

* May have to clear Offline Website Data
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