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Samurai Sprite Rough Draft!!!


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ok so I finally started working on my samurai sprite!

I found this neat little game called "Half Minute Hero." Its some indie Japanese game where you have to save the world in 30 seconds. (there is a gimmick though XD) anyway, I was inspired to make sprites based off of this game because I thought that the hero sprite was different but sort of cool.


This is the standing frame...The game I am making will be a side scroller (I don't plan on doing everything with "stick figures"), but the character GFX were inspired by HMH. Try not to bag it, I just wanna know if I did pretty well according the the game's sprite.


Let me know what you think!


Heres the sprites now with the samurai helm!



Semi Finished. Have to perfect the sword, and add flag. The will have full armor!!!

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