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Just fiddling with the Engine,

Rob Janes

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In order to make the system a bit more mainstream, I've added a 'target' window in the top left
that displays your current target's name and their health.

Also finished the guild chat which now shows as default green.  All in all, modifications to the client/server are coming along smoothly.
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Oh the popup windows haven't even been modified for a proper UI yet, it's merely the backend functionality of the system that I'm displaying, it's in no way comparable to a finished product.

Full screen isn't a bad idea, but wouldn't be the feel I'm going for (more of a "Desktop Adventures" sort of game)
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There hasn't been a lot of progress on the mod in the last few days as I've been out-of-town and have had only my laptop and not my development PC with me, but I'll be back to the grindstone tuesday to begin hammering out more necessary features.

My initial plan was to release my modifications, but as newer versions of EO are released,  it will grow ever harder to keep porting to the latest builds with ease,  thankfully the last migration wasn't much of a hinderance, while most of the custom programming is done in a seperate module, some modifications had to be made to the EO files as well.

Famous words once spoken "If you're good at something, never do it for free".  I will add custom features to someones engine (for a small fee), I'll listen to any request and give an offer on time-line and price (fair price would see a system such as guilds to be implimented as tested for around $20USD, while smaller tasts like Who's On and Friends for $10USD, Weather for $15USD, Quests for $30USD, all custom fit to meet individual requirements). 

This includes but is not limited to Questing, Guilds, Friends, Who's On, (Sadly, I'm still fiddling with AlphaBlending so it's out of my scope for the time being), GM Petition Tool etc.

I'm an advocate of the GetVar and WriteVar functions in the kernel32 lib, not only can all mods (such as questing, guilds etc) be modified with a UI on the server, you will also be able to manually edit the datafiles using Notepad or any other word processor. (It's just my preference, not a necessity)

PM for details if anyone is interested.

In the interim, I'll still be working on my own mods for my own project in the weeks to come!  I'll post an update Tuesday!
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> Full screen isn't a bad idea, but wouldn't be the feel I'm going for (more of a "Desktop Adventures" sort of game)

only reason i suggest fullscreen is because when i was playing a eclipse game on my netbook the window didnt fit all the way on the screen cause of the funny screen size and resolution on them.
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