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[Yami]Game Launcher/Updater!


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I figured I'd change Robin's updater into something a little more fancy.. And, well this is what I basically came up with. I've included the source code in the download, and changed the readme to reflect the changes I've made to the system. :)

Now, there's a few changes which I like.. But the most important would be the fact it has a progress bar, which will simply tell you how far into updating it is.. And no longer will it nag you with bothersome text in a textbox and funny version numbers.. It will simply notify you how many updates it has downloaded of the currently available ones, say.. 4/6 updates, rather then showing version numbers! Allowing you to add your own patch IDs on your webpage without causing confusion.

Doesn't look like much, but the background(s) are images so they can easily be modified to your tastes.. And the thingy on the left is a webbrowser, which is also configurable. :)


>! Eclipse Origins - Autoupdater
Created by: Robin Perris
Website: freemmorpgmaker.com
Modified by: Yami
>! === server ===
>! Update.ini should look like this:
>! 'version' needs to be the amount of downloads you have.
It will automatically look for version.rar on your server, make sure the file(s) exist!
Each version winrar file needs to be in the same folder as update.ini.
>! === client ===
unrar.dll needs to be shipped with the updater.
The launcher.exe looks for two GUI backdrops, Data Files\graphics\gui\updater\launch.jpg and Data Files\graphics\gui\updater\update.jpg, it will simple silently crash without these two files!
Remember the add the following lines and their values to your Data Files\Config.ini:

[>>> Download <<<](http://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/files/imagehost/pics/9b0e83be7bc8181d61c103268d5b8527.zip) URL Updated on 9/1/2012

**By default it's set up to download some minor graphic resources from my server! Try it out :)**
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The background image has the buttons on it.. But you can't move around stuff without using VB6\. :) To be honest everyone using Eclipse should have VB6.. Be it to at least make minor modifications to, for example the layout of interfaces. :)
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It's actually very very simple.. :) I made a quick UI mockup and then ended up rewriting his update sequence into two new subs(Which was easy as well, the original sub was fairly basic :)), along with the status and progress bar setting ones.. Some silly calculations for the progress bar value and tadaa, problem solved. :P
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Gave it a go, not what I fully expected of it but good nevertheless. This is what I got out of it:


The play button is disabled and greys out when you need to install patches.
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There's a small bug in it, as soon as the patching is done it doesn't load the launch.jpg image. :) Easy fix for whoever's editing it though.

And what'd you expect then? :o

And here's my lazy version, with a small tweak here and there. :)
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The green bar is the picbackground, how would I make it longer?

Nvm, figured it out.
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> is it possible to have mor then one bg pic? for example a frame kinda thing and then inside the frame changing pictures (so it goes through screenshots for example) Might not do it. Just curious…

Have a folder of images in the autoupdater. When the form loads, change the BG image by loading a new image into the background every 20 seconds or so.
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