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FREE MUSIC - I'll compose for your games

Dark Crusade

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You read right! I'm looking to get back into music composition, and your looking for free music, so why don't I hit two birds with one stone and compose for you!

I'm currently in between jobs, (quit one, looking for another), so until further notice I have a lot of free time on my hands. What I'm proposing is that in this topic, you guys can request music tracks from me, and I'll queue them up and get them done! My main goal here is to get back into composing for games, and improve my skills. **Unfortunately if your looking for someone to create a whole soundtrack for your game and have his time dedicated only to you, then this service will not be for you**. I'm looking to share the love around, and create music for people who just want a couple extra tracks, or maybe they still have a lot of work to do on their game, so a couple original tracks here and there as you make progress is what your after!

Alright, lets get to the details!

**The Service**

Use the template below to give me an accurate request. **My preferred format is MIDI**, although if requested, I will try to orchestrate it. I haven't had much experience with orchestrating music, although I do have some sound-kits and plugins to hopefully achieve you something in OGG format. This is a public service, so no need to privately message me for the tracks, just post it here, I'll queue it up, and others can see the free service as well.

**The Template**

* **Game Name:** The name of your game. If you have a topic for it, provide a URL!
* **Setting:** The genre setting, and any additional information on the game world and theme.
* **Track Description:** Details on where this music track will be used, describe the location, event or cinematic**.**
* **Atmosphere:** Describe the location in detail. Please provide a screenshot if possible.
* **Keywords:** Choose a couple of words to help define the track.
* **Inspirations:** If you have any games or music that you'd like your request to be inspired from, please share them here.
* **Format:** Once again, I prefer .MIDI, but I will try to orchestrate it in .OGG if your completely sure it's what you want.


I retain all rights to the tracks I make. Only the person I make the track for is allowed to use it, and please credit "Beau Buckley". By requesting music from me, you acknowledge that you understand this.

**Example Tracks**

**MIDI** - RPG
[Grand Parade](http://eclipseorigins.com/community/filehost/f1783db00a7468a26eb126ec27137092.mid)
[Imperial Town](http://eclipseorigins.com/community/filehost/bdf83bd9141ada51b5f584af6c3aa45f.mid)

**MIDI** - Other
[Downtown Streets](http://eclipseorigins.com/community/filehost/f2cb4ccb1a492736c2081ea5dc6bbe23.mid)
[Haunted Sewer](http://eclipseorigins.com/community/filehost/aceca743fab35e01a6d8506a318f667f.mid)

**MP3/OGG**- RPG
[Mysterious Forest](http://youtu.be/QTV_XGLpL7c)
[Winding Caverns](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgCIdhmmjLU)

And finally, here is arguably one of my best pieces I've written. Unfortunately it took **many nights**, so my published quality in this thread might not match, unless you hit that big donation button below!


If your happy with the free music I've composed for you, please consider a donation. Not only will it make me like you more, and make you feel good about doing so, but It will help me to continue this service, and put you above the queue (wink wink), should there ever be high demand for my free service.

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Brother, I need more information! The main theme is the most important, it reflects your entire game! I need information on the game itself, screenshots if you have. I also need to know what sort of story it has, should the theme be fast, slow, happy, sad etc. Please use all the template so I can get it right! I also need to know the format your after.
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**The Template**

* **Game Name:** TBA
* **Setting:** classical fantasy RPG slightly cutiesy D&Dish
* **Track Description:** following a group fighting a hopeless battle against an overwealming enemy to the point of being backed up into a corner, two of the group romantically involved, everybody else escapes, one of them sacrifices themself to save the other.
* **Atmosphere:** war torn city probably raining, battle goes from outside to inside a torn up building.. potentially a church?
* **Keywords:** penance,love,sacrifice,church
* **Inspirations:** maan.. i dont know seems like a lot of movies, books, and games like to do this kind of thing.
* **Format:** .midi is fine
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* Game Name: The Legend of Zehliaplayer
* Setting: Funny Rpg with lots of jokes
* Track Description: A peaceful city with rumors about what's gonna happen next, cause a lot of other city's were set on fire by a evil king.
* Atmosphere: Calm, peaceful, sunny
* Inspirations: Inspired from The Legend of Zelda
* Format: .midi is fine! :D
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