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**READ FIRST** Suggestion Guidelines

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You can either post suggestions in this section of the forums, or use the [Eclipse Renewal Suggestion Tracker](https://tracker.eclipseorigins.com/#/categories/1). Login with your forum account and submit a suggestion ticket there.


This thread is to tell you what information is needed and helpful when posting a suggestion. Saying a few words or sentences doesn't usually give me a clear enough idea of what you want.

Remember, the more information and details I have, the better I can implement the idea.


**REQUIRED** - This information is needed to help me find a bug, I won't be able to help much without it:

* Detailed description of the idea


**OPTIONAL** - This information is optional to include but can help find the bug:

* Images or videos of a game with the feature


**Example Suggestion:**

Can you add player stores where they can sell their items. They could set up a small store that players would come buy things from and the player doesn't have to be there.

Here's a skyrim mod that has a similar idea https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/35305/


This suggestion helps me understand the idea as well as have a reference/idea of what I'm going to add. This also let's me expand on the idea since I understand it: I might add stalls and player buildings that players can buy and place items that they're selling. Stalls would let them sell (almost) anywhere, but stores would hold more and be more well known.

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