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Spells do not work on ER 1.8.3 (now fixed see this post)

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I searched inside the code why spells after using double click they do not work. The problem is on two wrong written variables, inside "modGeneral" ----> "Public Sub GuiDblClickSearch": change "SpellY" and "SpellX" with just "Y" and "X". that's it (after one hour of searching eheh) ;)


In `modGeneral` search for `Public Sub GuiDblClickSearch`

Change `SpellY` to `Y`
Change `SpellX` to `X`
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@mohenjo-daro :)) Thanks. Mohenjo I saw also that after learning a new spell, the inventory for spells doesnt updates spell icons. The only solution right now is to drag one spell icon and the new one appears, or by closing client and restart it.
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