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Help with Fake Code homework


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We have only been taught some very bare basics like variables and modules. We have not yet been taught how to actual write and run a program yet.

I was hoping someone here with programming knowledge would look at this and tell me what they think.

Property Tax

It is suppose to make use of modules, ask the user for actual value of land, and call a module to calculate assessment value, and display the result, then call another module to calculate the property tax and display that result. 

How does this look to you guys?


Module main()
Declare Real actualValue1
Display "Enter actual value of land."
Input actualValue1
Declare Real assessmentValues
Call getAssessmentValue (actualValue1)
Declare Real propertyTaxation
Call PropertyTaxation (assessmentValues)
End Module

Module PropertyTaxation(Real assessmentValues)
Declare Real propertyTaxation
Set propertyTax = (assessmentValues / 100) * 0.64
Display "Property tax is:", propertyTaxation
End Module  

Module getAssessmentValue(Real value)
Set assessmentValues = value * 0.60
Display "Assessment value is:", assessmentValues
End Module

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This was just 1 part of three parts I had to turn in. 

There was an error found ( my professor made a program to read pseudocode and check it for errors lol) 

The program found that I forgot to declare assessmentValues ( this is so great I actually understand what that means! Before this class I had no idea about anything with programming.) 

Combining all three parts of the assignment, I made a A, but just barely.
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