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Hram - MMO Action Game

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Hello everybody !

This site is very nostalgic to me as the first steps in game development i did here!
Hope that the community hasn't changed. I have always associated this community with the idea of nostalgia in games which I realy, really love. Nostalgia might be the key phenomenon of human psychology studies.

That is why I want to share with you my thingie: an Action MMO which I solo develop. Eclipse Origin thought me to learn and do things by meself so I have developed this game entirely using my own code by using only one external library - SFML.

See more about the Project

My goal is to a competitive environment which is based on deterministic behaviour. By avoiding random (stochastic) functions the idea of fair competitive game can be easily achieved. You may ask... but where is the fun in that? My answer would be - human unpredictability. Psychology is my hobby and I am impleneting it in the game, you may learn more about how I do it in the youtube channel Hram Spot.

The story (very summarised)

In the world of Dupra, world of no metal. It was you. You were sleeping, sleeping until you woke up on a small peninsula. The physical world around you was very different to the one you have been used to. You see as far as 21 steps ahead of you and the colors around are having a strange emotional effect on you. It is time for your body to take the first vitalising drink of water from the stream and your mind to connect with the mother tree!

|What is accessible|
I love trees, stones and bushes. That is why the battlefield map currently contains only this. More than 10 players can gather at a single spot on the map shooting Hram energy (an energy generated by body and mind energy) at each other. Every player belongs to one of two teams each with a friendly tree which saves them by pulling them from the ground exactly when they are extremely low on body energy(health).

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