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Developer looking for a job.


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-Hello , I'm looking for a job to be a developer. I'm experienced in VB6 coding.I'm experienced in photoshop/ creating graphics. I'm also greatly experienced and familiar with eclipse and all of its functions like making items maps npc's and skills.

Some examples of my work , just some GUI edits:

Mainly worked on pokemon games in the past , Pokemon Mystery Dungeon United Nations , Pokemon Gamma Online , Illusive Energy Online and some others coding and server administration

-I have about 1-2 years experience with Eclipse , and about 1 year experience with VB6 and a few years creating some minor graphics like GUI's and setting up auto updaters.

-I can work Mondays through Fridays , I usually like to work on my own time.

-Part time of course.

-My name is Ryan  , I'm 16 years old, and I live in LA California. I'm great at monitoring and helping players , I'm great with working on servers and setting them up aswell as auto updaters, I can also reshape the clients buttons and GUI and code in some features if asked. I'm usually on my computer allot , so I would be working almost every day.

-If the game is receiving any type of income I would like a share.

-I'm looking to work with friendly and mature co-workers, and equally working owners (Not someone who sits around and tells others what to do.) I'm looking for owners who are open to ideas because i'm the one to spin ideas around.

-I own 2 dedicated servers ,so if you need a hoster you got one.

-PM if you have a job offer , or you can add me on skype: bloody.tear1 or MSN: [email protected]
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