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Doom 3, and Doom BFG Edition. Comparing.


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So my whole life I've been obsessed with doom. My father, being a tech junkie, and rather immature when he's not working on something, has always been at the "head of video games" for the majority of time that video games have been around. (up until current next gen consoles). And having said this, he raised me on doom, doom 2, and ultimate doom. Before i could walk he had me sit on his lap and press the spacebar so he could shoot. Which has lead me to a long addiction to the doom games, and fan made wad's for the games.

Now, about the time of my 10th birthday my dad got me doom 3 collectors edition for my xbox. I never played it much, and 10 year old me later rendered it unplayable. (go little me). However, the fanboy-ness has all ways been there. Which leads me to the last week of my life. Doom 3 and Doom 3 BFG edition.

Sitting around the other night i came across my old copy of doom 3\. As crappy as before, but still there. And i decided i would do something that no one should ever mention on eclipse. I torrented (GASP) a copy of doom 3 bfg edition. I'm not sharing links, mentioning it is okay. and played it for almost 16 hours straight. After taking a short break to sleep I decided i would do some research and maybe try ID's first attempt at doom 3, the original version of the game.

My first issue with it. It is beyond a slow crawl. Doom 3 that is. It's a horror game with shooter features that loses its horror aspect after about 30 minutes of play time. Second issue, the flashlight. Having to switch between your weapon and your flashlight instead of just strapping it to your gun seems beyond silly. Especially with how dark the game is compared to BFG edition. The missions seemed long and repetitive and overall it was just irritating to all get out.

The BFG Edition has fixed most, if not all of these issues. Being more entertaining, more difficult, having better graphics and smoother loading times is overall a much better game. It even got its HUD reworked which made me happy. Over all worth the "purchase".

But, after hours of play time invested, i decided it was time to give multiplayer a go. Playing against eachother seemed cool but what i wanted to do was beat doom together, like I do frequently with friends using skulltag. now here is my issue, the BFG edition fell in one aria that the precursor did not, mods. The BFG edition does not have any form of internal mod handling. And I have not attempted to get mods to work on it any other way, but I imagine you can with the CMD. But the only way to run coop is with mods.

I guess the overall conclusion is if you enjoy being irritated out of your mind by slow crawling horror games, get the original. and if you enjoy playing with friends, get the first. But if you want a truly entertaining time, get the remake. It runs better, has more play time in it with its expansions, and if you're willing to beat it once to get nightmare mode is beyond a challenge. 

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