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Building Framework for an MMO


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So I'm attempting now to explain how I want the framework to work for my mmo this guy is coding for me. & Right now I'm attempting to work on the spell and fighting system. So I was just wondering if anyone knew any good tutorials I should check out. I think my lack of knowledge with coding terminology will hinder me some.. Well just the lack of ability to explain variables, percentages, and constants which is why I'm hoping a good tutorial could help me out. Thank you guys. :)
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If your paying someone to do it you might want to leave the details to them. Try to provide high levels details of what you want not how to do it. I mean they are trained in this, reading a article on it and then asking him to do it a certain way is really just throwing away his professionalism. You can do it but the end result may not be nearly as good as it could have been.

I am not sure if thats what you meant though. Are you just providing details of how you want a formula to work? Or how you want the game to work? Because thats fine, or are you telling him how to code the overall system?
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What Evan said. Leave the "how its done" to the developer; your job as a designer is to give as much detail as you can about the "who, what, when, and where".

If I were to hire a software engineer to clone Super Mario Bros (NES) that would honestly be enough of a description to get them going. But if they had never heard of it (the game) then I would have to dissect and explain every little detail of the game to them. What are the character states (idle, running, walking, jumping, ducking)? Is it side scrolling, top-down, 2D, 2.5D, or 3D (2D, sidescrolling)? What determines if the character is alive or dead? What does the UI look like? What types of entities will the world be populated with (things you can kill, things you cant, things that will or will not kill the player, static objects, etc)?

Remember that you're designing the final graphical representation and "feel" (atmosphere, how it plays, controls, etc) of the game; the programmer is writing the code to make it a working product.

Don't get too hung up on terminology. :) Ps. A constant is something that does not change. A variable is variable; it can change.
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