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Asheron's Call 2


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Asheron's call 2 went buy to play $10 for 50 years. This is an older mmo that I use to play from 2003\. I currently own 2 accounts and I've been looking for more people to play. The game community is small(maybe 100 players) and most of them are nice and helpful.


The diffrence I found in this game is the skill system is like no other mmo I've played. It is not some WoW clone bull crap system and the combate takes real skill to do. Here is an online skill caculator so you can get an idea of how the skill trees work.


You get more skill points by leveling and you also spend xp into skills to make them more powerful(spending xp on skills does not effect how fast you level)

Also how its set up you can make some very intreasting toons.

Example I have a melee/magic ranger(which is archer class). I use melee attacks magic buffs and just the pet and traps from the ranger class.

You get the game by buying an Asheron's call 1 account then you can log into Asheron's call 2.


game download is under websites download section. You could also try Asheron's call 1 I just did not care for it lol.

I currently have a level 47 hero which mean I can help people power level. Do not expect to max a toon out on this game it is nearly impossible and has yet to be done. highest level is around 104 or so max is 150\. After you are a hero you can make a think call a mana which will give a player who uses it a bonus to their xp for a hour.

Also has a very diffrent mining system. you kind of play Hot and cold to find the mines. You hand a guy a map he warps you to a general area you click the map it say if your close or far or going the wrong way ect. once you find the mine it appears and you get to mine it 3 times. After which you must make a new map and bring it back to the guy who warped you. There are ways to warp back to him so its not that hard just diffrent.

Any help on quests ect you need can be found at [http://www.ac2hero.com](http://www.ac2hero.com)

Random Screen shots found on the net.





If anyone is intreasted let me know been looking for a few new people to play with.
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