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Eclipse: Skywyre Edition v10


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I found 4 bugs
1> like I said before, sometime walk fast, sometime slow
2> the map sound effect in Map Properties isn't work (Although I turned it on in the setting)
3> In event system -> trigger -> Player touch doesn't work
4> Sometime Map links in map editor properties doesn't work too
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So I tried to add a transformation spell from this forum. It works until I relog with the character. Then I get a subscript out of range for this:

' Send Resource cache
For i = 0 To ResourceCache(GetPlayerMap(index)).Resource_Count
SendResourceCacheTo index, i

Any direction I have to look? I am lost!
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> I've tested it and it's working. Make sure you are in a Craft Tile and have the appropriate tool.

Crafting is done like so:

Open Map editor and go to attributes and place a "Craft Tile" on map.
Open Item Editor and create items needed for crafting: "Item1" and "Item2" are items you want to take from player to craft the "result". Tool is also needed for what tool player needs to have to craft the end result.

Example: Iron Ingot from Iron Ore

Item1 = Iron Ore
Item2 = Iron Ore (In this case just going to use another Iron Ore, can have up to 5 mixers Items)
Tool = Hammer
Result = Iron Ingot

So what will happen here is when we stand on the crafting tile and have the correct tool and items in inventory, the item will be crafted.

So best to place the craft tile infront or next to the crafting station. In this case with it would be a smelter for smelting the ore into a ingot.

Hope his clears that up :)

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I'm using version 3.
Jaxx I just change the code as you said to fix the movement, not anything else. And my computer use corei 3 and Ram is 6 GB , I'm sure my computer graphic is enough to play a engine game -.-!
* I tested the bug that I said above, Please test it with an animation.
Anyone can fix the movement speed for this engine -.- ?

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yes, I do same maps with those other engine, with EW I did bigger map, and it has a lagging moving but not like this one.
I can prove the animated doesn't relate in this bug by the video below.(the second one)

This video is a new bug that I found, can't add animation for weapon


and this for what I said above, from 00:00 -> 00:21 is part 1\. 00:22 -> end is part 2\. This map doesn't have any animated or npc

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Found a new bug: When i make a spell that stun player. I make the boss cast that spell. If the boss cast on me it only stun for the duration i set. but if it stun another player it will stun forever untill restart the game.
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The animation error it is on your part I think. I believe the problem is being caused, from what I could tell from your video, is that you didn't put down a NPC Spawn attribute so the map is 'force' spawning the npc's in a way. For the speed problem, maybe I'm not seeing what your talking about but from the videos you have posted I don't really notice a speed change but I'll keep watching and see if I can think up any suggestions.
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