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I am new so I have a few questions.

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Umm.. I've been doing Eclipse Origins for only an hour, so I have a few questions.  :huh: :confused:

1)How do you make the shop owner be able to sell you things?
2)How do you make it so that when you walk in the door on Map 1, you go to a new place?

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1\. First to make a shop owner sell stuff, you need to change the NPC to a shop owner status, then you need to open the Shop Editor and create a shop with the items you want to sell. Then you need to edit your map and make the NPC there, and change the shop's NPC to the NPC you want.

2\. You need to make a 'warp' tile by going into the map editor and placing one. Choose the coordinates and the map you want it to take you to. There you go.

I hope this helped, was quick but I tried to get the point across
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